Before you can prospect in Victoria, you must obtain a "Victorian Miners Right"

Persons wishing to prospect for Gold and other minerals in the state of Victoria must first purchase a Victorian Miners Right. The Miners Right allows the holder to search for, and take possession of, any mineral located on many areas of public land, or, on private land with the landholder's prior consent. Basic non-powered hand tools, i.e. pick and shovel etc, can only be used for the purpose of excavation.

The use of explosives to aid excavation is also prohibited. Haulage and processing of the prospect material (ore) can, however generally be carried out with the aid of motorized equipment such as sluices, trommels etc subject to local restrictions. Any holes created during the search must be backfilled and any damage to the land repaired. Damage to historic places and native vegetation is not permitted.

In addition to the above the use of metal detectors in the search for gold is also allowed unless restrictions on their use have been placed on the local area. If you are unsure about where you can detect, check with the local office of the Department of Primary industries, Sustainability and Environment, or visit the Energy & Earth Resources in Victoria website.  

Victorian Miner's Rights can be purchased at any office of the Departments of Primary Industries and Sustainability and Environment, (DSE / DPI), selected tourist information centres, Prospecting Equipment supply shops in Victoria or purchase your Victorian Miners Right online at Energy and Earth Resources Recreational Prospecting and Fossicking


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