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The Prospectors and Miners Association of Victoria is a voluntary body established to protect and enhance the rights and opportunities of those who wish to prospect, fossick or mine in the State of Victoria, Australia..

From recreational prospector to smaller scale miner - the PMAV is protecting your interests.  Our membership ranges from prospectors using gold pans, sluices and metal detectors to find gold, gemstones or other minerals, to those using machinery on prospecting licences.

Most of the largest gold nuggets ever found were from the central Victorian goldfields, we also enjoy deposits of many other valuable or interesting minerals.

Despite this, the Right to conduct these activities in Victoria is constantly under threat from those who seek to abolish the Rights and Privileges won through the stand taken by miners and their supporters at Eureka, Ballarat in 1854.

The PMAV will not surrender these Rights or Privileges - we are passionate in our belief that individual prospectors and miners must have fair and reasonable access to a share of this State's considerable mineral wealth.


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The Diggers Oath

We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.

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The PMAV is a voluntary organisation which relies on memberships and donations.
Those groups opposing the activities of our members are generally well-funded with a paid workforce – the PMAV is run by passionate volunteers.
We would appreciate any extra help you can give us either in time or money.
Please contact us to volunteer or click here to make a monetary donation.