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Calling All Australian Gold Prospectors

The Greens are currently pushing for a ban on ALL forms of sluicing in Victoria. We (the prospecting community) strongly feel this move to be a great injustice on our rights as Australians.

Gold prospecting was a major factor in the early development and growth of Australia and still to this day has a positive impact on Australian tourism and small business throughout many gold historic towns. As Australians we must unite to protect our prospecting rights not only for ourselves but for future generations.

In an interview aired on Prime 7 'Prospector angry over sluicing ban', Australian Greens Lead Candidate for Northern Victoria (Jenny O'Connor) described the act of sluicing as “using high powered water pressure to erode away river banks to look for gold”, a description which seemingly sounds like “hydraulic sluicing”, a destructive form of sluicing that was banned in Australia 100 or so years ago.

Modern day sluicing does not involve water cannons which blast away river banks, in fact a small river or stream sluice has very little environmental impact and perhaps no more than panning.

Another form of sluicing is known as high-banking, which despite its name it has nothing to do with the river banks. This form of sluicing utilises the means of a free standing sluice and a water pump to wash material that has been sourced by hand. At no stage of high-banking are river banks eroded by high water pressure.

We ask that Victorian Minister for Environment and Climate Change (Ryan Smith) consider prospecting as a genuine and respectful Australian pastime and refuse these changes put forward by the Greens.

We would also like to invite both Victorian Minister for Environment and Climate Change (Ryan Smith) and Australian Greens Lead Candidate for Northern Victoria (Jenny O'Connor) to spend a day sluicing with us to see just how little an environmental impact it really has.

The Australian Prospecting Community

Let’s see what we can do:

Refuse the proposed ban on sluicing in Victoria

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Pro-Sluicing Petition

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Native vegetation permitted clearing regulations

The PMAV believes the current system regulating removal of native vegetation is fundamentally flawed. It is bordering on extortion. The system is working as a significant, and perhaps deliberate,  

disincentive to economic development.

The current system is costly, bureaucratic and complex but, despite this, it does not result in even one more tree or blade of grass being planted.

We are proposing significant changes to the current native vegetation system.

We are asking for support from those interested in the future of mining in Victoria and ask that you join the PMAV and assist us with our campaign or make a donation to our fund.


The Diggers Oath

We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.

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